About Us

Paravel believe that education should work for everyone. We believe that play, problem solving and teamwork are some of the best methods for learning. That is why we use our expertise in gamification to create unique and engaging learning resources. All of our games are tailor-made to fit the specific learning objectives, themes and learning environments of our customers.

Mystery and Adventure

– Alfie Eccles –

Alfie has worked with gamification for over 10 years in a range of different teaching environments in both Norway and England. His work has included companies, schools, youth clubs, mentoring, NGOs, museums and research in education and he has always been looking for new and effective ways to teach. He has worked specifically with using escape games in education since 2018.

Escape room


Gamification is about using games to increase engagement and effectiveness in education. Our aim is always to make the most effective and engaging educational resources possible. Therefore, we don’t have a set game, template or idea that we begin with; we begin with your topics and learning objectives.


The use of gamification and especially escape games is constantly growing in popularity and in recent years much research, including systematic reviews and analyses of the theory, has been done into how effective these techniques can be for learning.

Team at work

We offer a range of games and gamification options from consulting and advice to fully bespoke educational games. We specialise in escape games, which are based on the famous “escape room” concept but come in a variety of shapes, sizes and forms, including escape boxes and digital escape rooms.